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What is ConsentSMS?


ConsentSMS is a tool that allows businesses and representatives to send text messages to clients. The main focus of ConsentSMS is to provide SMS compliance to the businesses. According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). ConsentSMS will take written consent from customers that proves the companies are now authorized to contact their customers.


How Does it ConsentSMS Work?


Once the customer's contact information is filled into the Consentform, the ConsentSms will send a link to the customer's mobile. Clicking the link will validate and verify that the information provided such as name, email and contact number is correct. If any information is to change the customer can update it. Once everything looks correct they can click on the submit button.

Our Features

Contact Consent CRM
Real time completion verification
Easy access user interface
Customized messaging to customer
One time 6 digit password verification
Certificate of authenticity come.
Time stamp and ip verification of customers consent
Many more features to come.

One Time Password (OTP).

After the customer confirms that the data entered is correct they click on the submit button, an SMS containing a 6 digit one-time password is sent to the customers mobile phone. They will enter the OTP passcode into the webpage link, that will complete and verify their consent to be contacted by the company.


Email Certification

Next, a certificate of authenticity is generated and sent to the customer's Email. Certificate confirms their consent to the contact disclosure. This email validates customer's name, email, password, phone number and timestamps. Also it records the customers IP address for validation purposes.


An Opt-Out SMS

Opt-out SMS says thanks to the customer for signing up and for providing written consent. This SMS also includes an Opt-out option followed by a link with instructions. If a customer clicks on the opt-out link it will forward the customer's request to the ConsentSMS and customer's data will be removed from our servers.


Easy form submission.

As your contact is approving consent to be contacted, they will receive a text message via consentsms, just need to click on the URL and all the contacts details will be automatically filled. Your contact simply needs to verify the information is accurate and click the submit button. Lastly, verify the otp and agree to the consent form, the customer has now given their written verified consent to be contacted for future products and services.